Midori DNA Stains

Midori Green DNA stain product family

Nippon Genetics Europe started 4 years ago with the introduction of a dye called Midori Green as an alternative product for Ethidium Bromide. The main features were non carcinogenity and significant less mutagenicity in comparison to Ethidium Bromide, but the same sensitivity for a very competitive price.

The wonderful feedback from scientists all over the world lead to the fact that we developed 2 new dyes for visualization of DNA and RNA in agarose gels


Our superior dye - non carcinogenic, less mutagenic, excellent signal:noise ratio; suitable for any kind of filters and Imaging systems - very high sensitivity even for very small fragments, more information is here:Midori Green Advance



A total new approach - do not stain the gel, jst mix your sample with this dye and load it onto the gel - loading dye included - very high sensitivity - excellent signal: noise ratio, more information is here: Midori Green Direct


You want to test a sample?

Please contact us and we will send you a free of charge sample.

All dyes can be used with standard UV illumnators - if you like to avoid UV light which damages your DNA, your skin and your eyes, take a look at our new BLUE/GREEN or Blue Light LED illuminator. All our dyes are working perfectly with this new technology.